Why choose “Primo” for your everyday needs?

  • It is a brand that is associated with selling high quality products, availability of a wide range of grocery items, and offers friendly customer service.  “Primo”.
  • Because  our customers have diverse shopping requirements, we have worked relentlessly  to develop a store environment with high quality refrigeration, shelving and navigational signage to help customers navigate their way around the store.
  • It offers customers an array of high quality sandwiches, croissants, sweet treats; together with a selection of both hot and cold beverages at “Primo Café.
  • At our Fuel station stores and our standalone store in Faisaliya, comfortable seating is provided complemented by  free WiFi services and high standard rest rooms. Our customers can also enjoy their snacks on the outside terrace.
  • In addition to everyday needs, Primo convenience store offers a range of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh chicken, chilled juices, canned and packet groceries, rice, spices, chips, confectionary, frozen foods, household, and  a selections of toys, gifts and ice cream for children.We believe we have developed a great shopping experience for  our customers, and we are confident that they will continue to take advantage of the one-stop destination