Petro Canada


As a Suncor Energy business, Petro-Canada produces some of the most pure base oils in the world – boasting of 99.9% purity. Its world-class refinery in Mississauga, Ontario has an annual capacity of over a billion liters. In addition, Petro-Canada is the largest white mineral oil manufacturer in the world, with over 350 premium quality lubricants, specialty fluids and greases which serve customers in variant industries including, food, general manufacturing, transportation, power generation, mining, forestry, agriculture and plastics processing.

Product Lines:

  • Greases including mining greases, multi-applications and specialty greases
  • Food Grade Lubricants that meet the highest standards of food industry
  • Specialty Fluids/ Non-Lubricants including Heat Transfer fluids
  • White Mineral Oils
  • Industrial Lubricants including gear oils, hydraulic, Refrigeration and Compressor fluids