Petrolube Oil Company was formed in 1968 as the first lubricants company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It is a market leader in Oil and Greases with around 40% market share in KSA. Petrolube also markets its products under the Petromin name as well as other brand names across dozens of countries.

Additionally, Petrolube’s market facing brand, Petromin, has the highest brand equity among all lubricant brands in the market. It operates the largest and most modern lubricant blending plant in the MENA region and has state of the art lab facilities and exports to 35 countries and branch offices in UAE, Egypt, & Pakistan. Petrolube aims to provide the quality of products at a competitive advantage in terms of convenience to customers and price point.


PETROMIN SUPER HI-TEMP GREASE is formulated with an inorganic thickener and highly refined base oil. It contains EP agent and rust inhibitors. PETROMIN SUPER HI-TEMP GREASE possesses resistance to water wash and provides effective protection against rust and corrosion for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • Thickener does not melt, extremely high dropping point.
  • Will not soften and leak from bearings exposed to high temperature.
  • Resistance to water washing, steam and humid conditions.
  • Consistency maintained despite cycling temperature conditions.
  • Good pumpability.
  • Molybdenum rich, giving the grease a superb load carrying ability and enhance high temp characteristics.



PETROMIN SUPER HI-TEMP GREASE is recommended for applications where continuous high temperatures or intermittent very high temperatures are experienced. The maximum usable temperature for Hi-Temp Grease for extended service is 220 ºC.

PETROMIN SUPER HI-TEMP GREASE is recommended for application such as furnace door bearings and kiln car wheel bearings and for general industrial lubrication where non-melting grease is required. It can also be used in ambient temperature applications such as roll neck bearings where high resistance to water washing is needed.