Gear & Transmission


PETROMIN GEARLUBE EP OIL Series is premium quality, heavy-duty industrial gear lubricants formulated for enclosed gear sets operating under severe service conditions. PETROMIN GEARLUBE EP OIL Series are formulated from high-quality, high VI base oils selected for their oxidation stability and water-separating characteristics.  Additives are incorporated which provide extreme pressure and anti-wear properties, rust and corrosion protection, increased oxidation stability, improved resistance to foaming and excellent high load performance characteristics.


  • Excellent load-carrying capacity.
  • Outstanding anti-wear properties.
  • Excellent oxidation stability.
  • Rust and corrosion protection.
  • Excellent lubricity & good anti foam properties.
  • Minimizes friction, resulting in reduced bulk oil temperature.
  • Effective demulsibility for rapid water separation.
  • Resistance to micro-pitting.



PETROMIN GEARLUBE EP OIL Series is recommended for industrial enclosed gear drives for both circulation and splash systems.  It is particularly recommended for gear sets operating under heavy or shock load such as spur, helical and bevel gear drives.

Performance Level

AGMA ………250.04 (EP)
David Brown..Table E
U.S. Steel……224
DIN 51517……Part 3
AGMA…………251.02 (EP)
AGMA…………9005-D94 (EP)