Petrolube Oil Company was formed in 1968 as the first lubricants company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). It is a market leader in Oil and Greases with around 40% market share in KSA. Petrolube also markets its products under the Petromin name as well as other brand names across dozens of countries.

Additionally, Petrolube’s market facing brand, Petromin, has the highest brand equity among all lubricant brands in the market. It operates the largest and most modern lubricant blending plant in the MENA region and has state of the art lab facilities and exports to 35 countries and branch offices in UAE, Egypt, & Pakistan. Petrolube aims to provide the quality of products at a competitive advantage in terms of convenience to customers and price point.


PETROMIN SUPER SYNTHETIC GF4 is a high performance lubricant using fully synthetic technology, specially developed for Gasoline and Diesel car engines, meeting and complying with the requirements of the latest direct injection engines and conventional engines as well.


  • Ensuring sustainable high performance, thus meeting the needs of the engines in term of extended and better oil drain intervals; consequently doubling the oil drain mileage.
  • Guaranteeing high & constant quality by excellent detergent properties giving greater engine cleanliness for enhanced performance.
  • High Viscosity Index resulting in stable viscosity during operation.
  • Fully miscible with other engine oils.
  • Less oil top-up.
  • Superior antiwear properties protecting the engine’s most sensitive parts.
  • Easy cold start and ideal lubrication at elevated temperature, ensures low oil consumption and cold start protection against wear.



  • Recommended for all Gasoline and Diesel engines in cars and light industrial vehicles.
  • All turbocharged and multi-valved engines.
  • Suitable for most severe operating conditions, on highways, dense city trafic & in extreme weather conditions.
  • Suitable & exceeds the performance requirements of most European, Japanese and American car manufacturers.

Performance Level

Daimler Chrysler MB229.31
Volkswagen 502.00/505.00
BMW Long-life-04