KSA’s Vision 2030 brings an ambitious challenge which Petromin fully supports and strives to play a leading role and further embark towards an integrated approach to excellence
Petromin has embarked on a journey of Integrated Management System in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 (QMS), ISO 14001:2015 (EMS) & ISO 45001:2018 (OHS) international Standards to ensure focusing on consistently meeting its customer requirements, continually protecting people, interested parties and the environment against different Occupational Health and Safety risks, and environmental significant aspects and is ready to exceed the ever changing needs of the dynamic industry.

To achieve this, Petromin is committed to:

  • Fully comply with applicable Quality, Safety and Environmental regulations.
  • Provide Petroleum products & services with superior technical performance manufactured with state of art technology, and also provide value added services to customers.
  • Develop an effective integrated management system to reduce waste, reduce Occupational Health & Safety risks, prevent incidents, and protect the environment by conserving all natural resources.
  • Develop skills and competencies of our people and contractor workers and create conducive work environment, consistent with our 5 values and strategic directions
  • Set and review Quality, Environmental & Safety objectives, targets and performance measures regularly to ensure continual improvement, identification and mitigation of business risks, putting effective controls to prevent human injuries, ill-health & environmental pollution
  • Continually improve the integrated management system.
  • Effectively communicate this Policy to all interested parties and periodically review

To be a leader of superior Petroleum Products and Services, we are committed to follow the Three Principles, Five Values and Ten Golden rules of our organization, and empower our people to implement this policy and achieve excellence.

President & CEO

Revision: 3
Date: 15th July 2020