If you would like to join the Petromin team, here is a simplified look at our recruitment process to help you understand:

Recruitment Process

  1. Upload your CV through this link.
  2. Post our positive review of your CV, you will be expected to complete an assessment test.
  3. Based on your performance in the test, you will be invited for a formal interview.
  4. A successful interview will result in us making you a job offer stating your employment terms.

Benefits Of Working With Us

A job at Petromin is more than a job. It is a rewarding career, filled with benefits that will enhance your employment portfolio and enrich your personal life. All Petromin employees enjoy lucrative annual bonus schemes and split annual vacations, and that is just the beginning. As a company, we guarantee you a work environment where you will be valued and rewarded. Knowing how valuable you are to our success, expect the company to go all out to keep you satisfied, both professionally and personally.


Employee Development

We recognize that the ongoing success of the company is dependent on the support of well-equipped, motivated and trained team of employees. This is the reason why we as a company insist on giving each employee his/her share of opportunities to express career aspirations and work towards them.

Our annual development reviews help us monitor individual skills and goals, keep them on track to their career goals and ensuring a perfect fit between their growing abilities and the roles they perform. This is the only way to succeed. For them and for the company.